EDI System
Management Group, Inc.,    San Francisco
EDI System
We setup EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems for the trading of electronic
documents with your trading partners. This includes sending and receiving of electronic
documents such as inbound purchase orders from your customers, outbound invoices to
your customers, and sending of Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) documents to your
customers. We have experiences in working with a variety of trading partners, such as
May Department Stores, Federated Group, Dayton Hudson Stores, and JC Penny's, etc.
We work with a variety of EDI and ASN applications, such as STX, Gentran, Mercator, ASN Complete, GE,
and Kissinger. We will review your needs and your trading partner's requirements. We will work with your VAN
(Valued Added Network, such as IBM Advantis, GE Information Services, and Sterling Commerce), and
recommend a suitable system for your company. We can implement a complete EDI and UPC catalog system
and allow you to trade with your customers electronically.

The setup of an EDI, ASN and Just-In-Time shipping system, will allow you to increase replenishing orders from
your customers, and better manage your inventory and its associated costs. The integration of the EDI system
and your accounting/ distribution system will eliminate duplicated entry, streamline your work flow and reduce
operational costs.

Regardless of which accounting system, EDI system and VAN you use, we can help you design and implement
your EDI system. We provide EDI training and can also help you troubleshoot an existing system to meet
compliance requirements in short order.