Custom Reporting Systems
Management Group, Inc.,     San Francisco
Custom Reporting Systems/ System Integration
We prepare customized management and operational reports for
financial, sales and operational needs. We develop custom
reporting and query systems through the uses of industry-standard
reporting tools, including Crystal Reports, BizNet BizInsight, FRx,
F9, as well as standard Microsoft tools such as Visual Basic
programs, VBA, VB scripts, Access and SQL.
We perform custom programming that will automate complicated and repetitive reporting requirements, and
maximize the information flow and operational efficiency for your organization. The setup of custom reports
such as custom financial statements, budget and cash flow analysis, stock availability reports, material
requirement reports, and reports that consolidate data from multiple sources and/or entities, will allow you to
generate and capture critical information easily and automatically. These reports will allow you to realize the
benefit of your accounting system, allowing management to better understand the financial status of your
organization, and reduce operational costs through improved efficiency.

The implementation of a custom reporting/ query system will provide your organization the capability to
generate financial and operational reports quickly and easily. Complicated data extraction, manipulation and
manual formatting will be eliminated and replaced by custom reports with queries and user-specified
parameters. The generation and distribution of these reports can be fully automated or with the click of a
button. Our objective is to setup these "One-Click" report generation systems for your
organization so that reports are automatically formatted to your exact requirements and generated/ distributed
with minimal effort. With their ease of use and format matching with your specific needs, these reports will be
generated and distributed more often with more up-to-date information across your organization.

We provide site specific customization and programming services, including the development of custom
reporting systems and database integration. We can setup data linkage and integration programs between the
various programs and databases in your office, such as your accounting, EDI, and Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) systems. Through the use of ODBC drivers, and other data integration tools and
programs, we can integrate data from various databases and streamline your operations so duplicated entries
between various systems in your office can be eliminated. At the same time, data from your accounting system
can be exported for further processing. Data can be formatted and linked to other applications through
automated procedures and custom programs.